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Victor Treutel (pronounced “troy-tle”) wrote THE SEA GRAPE Trilogy on the beaches of Florida, sailing the Caribbean Ocean, in the Mountains of North Carolina, and amongst the ancient castles of Germany.   Victor has lived throughout the United States and Europe and travels extensively throughout the world.   He is an avid storyteller and enjoys keeping friends entertained for hours telling stories that no one really knows are true or not.

Victor has worked in technology all of his professional career; he was a corporate executive with a Silicon Valley startup, writes software in multiple computer languages, has authored numerous technology industry publications, wrote software for the Walt Disney Company and dozens of other corporations, but mostly loves telling stories.  He is a golfer, scuba diver and bicyclist.

Victor grew up an “Army Brat” and graduated from high school in Heidelberg, Germany.  He is married and lives in Florida.

THE SEA GRAPE Trilogy Synopsis

Victor Treutel uncovered the characters and locations of THE SEA GRAPE Trilogy while writing his first novel, DEEPER THAN THE OCEAN. While he was scouting a location he stumbled upon the Sea Grape Manor on the Atlantic coast of Florida and the amazing people who called it home.   He returned to the Sea Grape Manor many times over the years and formed a strong bond with the characters you will meet in THE SEA GRAPE Trilogy.

THE SEA GRAPE Trilogy is loosly based on real people, places and events.  The key word of the last sentence being “loosly”.  Which means that most of THE SEA GRAPE Trilogy is simply fiction.   No one but the author knows what is true and what is made up; and he won’t tell.  He said something about protecting the innocent.


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"Delightful story, I'm hooked! If you enjoy the kind of book that robs you of a good nights sleep because you just can't put it down, this is the book for you!"

"I've read all of Elin Hilderbrand's, Nicholas Sparks' and John Grisham's books and THE MANSION is right up there with them!! It's a must read!!"
Kelly Brown

"Two beautifully crafted characters meet in the most unlikely places and, together, fight for their identity. Victor Treutel should be commended for this wonderful tale."
Orlando Leisure Magazine

"I absolutely LOVED your book! I thoroughly enjoyed reading it (even though I cried numerous times while doing so...another sign of excellent writing) and look forward to your next novel."
Joann Puckett - Orlando, FL

"Your book is just wonderful. I loved your descriptions of all your scenes and your characters were both heartbreaking and simple. I just loved everything about your book."
Susan Ache - Jacksonville, FL

"As a native Floridian I must say the detail you put into your book was wonderful! The book itself was absolutely wonderful. Thanks for a great book and I can't wait for your next one."
Wendy Bojczuk - St.Cloud, FL

"Deeper than the Ocean is just that, a beautiful ballad of poetic creation, delving deep into the souls of all three parties - the characters, the author's and the reader's. Destined to become a best seller."
Dean Parsons - Kansas City, MO

"I read your first chapter and my goodness. It was so intense that I was shaking."
Christine Calvo - Sacramento, CA

"Loving the ocean as I do your novel took me back in time; the sea turtles, the dunes, the moonlit nights, most of all the Ocean and all her beauty."
Marilee Hale - Asheville, NC

"The characters were so real and yes I did cry a few times - a true sign of a good book!"
Pam Lively - Orlando, FL